Everything to Know About Victor’s Custom Christmas Trees

About Victor’s Custom Christmas Trees

Victor’s Custom Christmas Trees is the world’s #1 largest distributor of live, fully decorated Christmas Trees, ranging from 20 to 150 feet tall. About 60 years ago, a small family business emerged out of Orange County with a vision to bring the joy and spirit of the holidays in a unique and extravagant way. Our ever-growing team composed of around 70 people work hard all year long preparing the process that occurs for each tree in order to bring the best winter months possible.  

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Victor’s Custom Christmas Trees owner, Victor Serrao, has been shaping and growing this company into what it is today for the past almost 30 years.

About Our Trees

Each year forests are manicured to promote stable and continued growth by harvesting the older and taller trees while allowing the smaller trees to survive and grow. At Victor’s Custom Christmas Trees, we are concerned about our forests and our environment. This is why we carefully select our trees from the pre-selected timber sale to maintain the over 70,000 acres of trees that currently exists. Instead of all these gorgeous trees being turned to products such as boards for lumberyards and homes, or paper and pencils, we transform our selection into the magical Christmas experience that thrills millions of people each year.

Where to Experience Our Trees

You can come experience the joy these trees bring across our locations in the United States, which we are always expanding. We currently have trees going up every year in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and all over California. In California our tallest trees can be found at The Outlets in San Clemente and The Citadel in Commerce. From San Clemente to San Francisco, spread across Orange County, LA County, Santa Barbara County, and San Francisco we have over 15 trees.  

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